Hollywood glam often is dramatic: pouty red lips, luscious lashes and rosy cheeks. But in keeping with this season's red-carpet beauty trends, I predict that tonight's Academy Award-goers will display dewier, barely made-up faces.

The trendlet

The fresh-faced makeup look follows the dear old adage: Less is more. But let's be clear here: This is not a No Makeup Monday moment, when you post a selfie after washing your face. Cosmetics are used, just not heavily. Foundation is optional and skin should have a dewy shine. Lips, eyes and cheeks are all one hue. And brows - this is key - are full. Pencil in if you must.

Where's it come from?

During the 1960s and 1970s, women influenced by feminist ideals were among the first to make the barefaced look a fashion statement. Model and actress Lauren Hutton - who reportedly used Tasmanian dirt as blush - became the face of the barely there look.

Heavier makeup returned in the 1980s, and in the late 1990s, Jennifer Lopez reintroduced a dewy face. Hers was very sun-kissed, featuring bronzy undertones.

In the last 15 years, we've been covering up blemishes and fine lines with high-tech, light-to-the-touch foundations, primers, concealers and BB and CC creams. The looks range from golden to matte to sparkle to today's most popular: monochromatic and dewy.

Who's wearing it?

Most of us achieve the look with little to no effort when we apply nude lipstick or gloss on-the-go. But experts of clean-faced chic are Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jennifer Aniston. Beyoncé's face was awash with sparkle during her performance of Mahalia Jackson's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" at the Grammys earlier this month. And Taylor Swift and Rihanna at times subscribe to the simple beauty rule, too.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

It's my standard after-workout look as I peruse the Rittenhouse Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings, coffee cup in hand. But yes, I've been known to attend events around town in just foundation, sheer lip gloss, and a touch of mascara.

Should you wear it?

There's no harm in it. After all, not everybody needs a bold, red lip every day. But barely there makeup requires a nightly skin regimen and concealer as needed; you don't want circles under your eyes making your fresh face look tired.

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Models: Lauren Holmes, 17, and Caleigh Giarra, 21, both of Marlton. Makeup courtesy of Colleen Sparks of Suede Salon, Spa and Body, 500 Route 73, the Promenade at Sagemore, Marlton, 856-985-0700