Here are a few sample questions from the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides certification exam.

1. True or false? The largest bronze work in Philadelphia is the Washington Monument.

2. True or false? The American Philosophical Society is the nation's oldest learned society.

3. What is the tallest building in Philadelphia?

4. Who founded Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church?

5. Who is known as the father of American surgery?

6. What was Arch Street originally called?

a. Sassafras Street

b. Cedar Street

c. Mulberry Street

d. High Street

7. What is the oldest continuously used Methodist Church building in America?

a. St. Paul's

b. Old Pine

c. St. George's

d. First Asbury



1. False. The Irish Memorial at Front and Chestnut Streets.

2. True.

3. Comcast Center.

4. Richard Allen.

5. Philip Syng Physick.

6. c. Mulberry Street.

7. c. St. George's.