Cops seized 23 illegal dirt bikes and ATVs during a Sunday morning raid in Kensington and North Philadelphia as part of a citywide crackdown on illegal riding.

"We went out to take back the streets for the citizens," Detective Jack Logan said later at Major Crimes headquarters, at Whitaker Avenue and Macalester Street.

Logan said that a task force of about 10 officers went to the 24th, 25th and 26th districts — which cover swaths of Kensington, North Philadelphia, Fairhill and Hunting Park — about 11 a.m. and started to confiscate illegal bikes and four-wheelers. Police in unmarked cars followed some ATV and dirt-bike riders back to a garage at Rorer Street and Indiana Avenue, in Kensington, where they found 11 of the vehicles, including a Honda four-wheeler stolen from New Jersey last week.

After the raid, cops hauled the confiscated vehicles to Whitaker and Macalester and packed a police garage wall-to-wall with bikes and four-wheelers of various makes and colors. Police said that none of the confiscated vehicles was registered or had proper tags.

No arrests were made. One rider was able to flee, police said, after trying to run down a cop and nearly striking neighbors as he raced down the sidewalk. Police expected to hold a news conference Monday at which they planned to release additional details of the bust.