THE SCHUYLKILL Expressway's nerve-racking enough without bullets flying around, but state police say one angry motorist skipped the horn and went for a gun in a road-rage incident Wednesday night.

The victim was driving his Chrysler 300 west on the Expressway about 10:30 p.m. between Montgomery Drive and Route 1 when he accidentally cut off another driver, said Cpl. Gerard McShea, of the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Philadelphia.

The victim said he saw the car behind him speed up and then heard a loud crack, McShea said. One bullet smashed the back windshield and cracked the front windshield and appears to have just missed striking the victim.

"He's very lucky he didn't get hit," McShea said.

The victim thought he heard at least three shots, but police could only confirm one. A bullet recovered from the car is being sent for ballistics testing to determine the make and caliber of the gun, McShea said.

He said investigators were not releasing a description of the alleged shooter's car as they track down leads.

The victim drove to his local police department in Montgomery County after the incident. McShea said road-rage victims should travel as far as they need to to get away from the threat.

There were no surveillance cameras on the highway to record the incident, McShea added.

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