A revolver was recovered Wednesday at Samuel Fels High School after authorities received a tip a male with a gun was in the building.

An 18-year-old student was taken into custody, School District spokesman Fernando Gallard/

"Besides facing possible criminal charges, the student will be referred to expulsion," Gallard said.

A lockdown of the 1,100-student school at 5500 Langdon St. in Philadelphia's Crescentville section was being lifted in phases.

The school was placed on lockdown when a student reported another student had a weapon in a backpack inside the building, Gallard said.

After an hours long search, officials said an unloaded revolver had been found in a trash can in the weight room.

No charges were immediately announced and authorities said the investigation was continuing.

It was the second gun-related incident at the school this week: On Monday, the high school was placed on a temporary lockdown after a report of a firearm in the building. No weapon was found.

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Kristen Graham and Martha Woodall is an Inquirer staff writer.