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Black Madam reveals all in letters to reporter

Despite a gag order, she shared lascivious details of her life in writing

Padge Victoria Windslowe, a/k/a the "Black Madam," featured on YouTube video.
Padge Victoria Windslowe, a/k/a the "Black Madam," featured on YouTube video.Read more

WHILE IMPRISONED and awaiting trial, the Black Madam threw caution - and a court-issued gag order - to the wind by penning several detailed letters about herself to this Daily News reporter, who covered her arrests. Here are some of the highlights from those letters, in her own words:

"I would like you to know that I have received a written gag order on my legal matters," she wrote. "However, please be advise that I will not recognize, and nor will I ever recognize [the judge's] authority over my kingdom.

"I am the sovereign ruler of the Madamic Order and the Transnation Empire there for I appeal only to the Vatican City in Rome."

In one letter, Black Madam wrote of how she started a hunger strike at Riverside Correctional Facility because of the "garbage" food that was being served. The name of her hunger strike was "Cease Fish Fridays"

"For one good reason, it's not really fish at all to start with and more over it's the one meal that if rejected will send a clear message," she wrote.

But her most interesting and detailed missive was titled "Top 50 Madam Fun Facts: Taking you inside the mind of the Black Madam."

She wrote that her favorite movie is "Anne of [the] Thousand Days" and that her favorite teacher was "Mr. Weeny" in eighth grade, because of course it was.

The Black Madam lists her biggest crush as "Benjamin Netanyahu . . . isreali Prime Minister" and she emphasizes this "fun fact" about herself by dotting the "i" in Benjamin with a heart.

She writes that her "taboo secret" is "I had a threesome in Prison with 2 girls . . . Boys/Girls ROCK Female to Male transexuals!!!" and that her thoughts upon getting arrested were "OMG! Thank God it's the Cops, and not a home invassion."

As she testified in open court, the Black Madam claims that her "Best Butt injection client" was "Amber Rose 'Philly Chick' " and she wrote that her best friend is "My Boy friend Nik 'Baby Cakes.' "

The Black Madam's favorite drugs of choice are cocaine and Ecstasy, according to her list, and her favorite animal is "My ex Cusband . . . Adam," after which, she drew a frowny face.

It's not clear from the letter just exactly what a "Cusband" is, though we have our guesses.

Her darkest secret is a wish "to be housed in a men's Prison [winky face]" and her biggest weakness is "tall white Boys with Big toys."

The Black Madam's No. 1 wish is "to rule the World" and her enemy No. 1 is "the Commonwealth."

Her favorite quote is "F--- 'em" and she lists her religions as "Scientology, Catholicism and Wicca." The gothic hip-hop artist goes on to list the song she's most proud of recording as "Lucifer's Rising."

The Black Madam got her first job as a bakery boy at Sunrise Bakery when she was just 11 years old, she wrote, but her dream job is "to be a cosmetic surgeon."

However, her first goal after getting out of prison will be "to star in my own reality show . . . 'Madam's family,' " she wrote.

For good measure, the Black Madam provided a "BONUS" 51st "fun fact" about herself, which she wrote in third person:

"Madam says she think she's in Love with her ADA Carlos Vega . . . she's got Stock Home syndrom [smiley face with heart eyes]."