A large propane tank at a group home for special-needs children north of Doylestown began leaking early Saturday, forcing evacuation of the residents to an area hospital, according to Doylestown Hospital officials.

No children were injured.

Dinesh Singh, director of the Pedia Manor children's home on Durham Road in Pipersville, said the 500-gallon tank flipped over about 5:30 a.m. because melting snow made the ground beneath it unstable. That caused the line connecting the tank to the home to rupture and begin leaking gas.

The pre-dawn rupture triggered carbon monoxide alarms, alerting five staff members, who discovered the leak, he said. Following emergency procedures, they evacuated the young residents.

Doylestown Hospital spokesman Ron Watson said five children with chronic respiratory issues were taken to the hospital, about 10 miles away, to be evaluated and sheltered. They were living closest to the ruptured gas line.

The other seven residents were transferred to another Pedia Manor home in Quakertown.

Singh said two temporary fuel tanks were brought to the facility and the old tank will be replaced, with a new concrete platform poured beneath it to prevent another collapse.

Pedia Manor operates two homes for special-needs children at the Pipersville location and three other locations in Bucks County.

-Sarai Flores