A mother reported missing since June might have been the victim of foul play, Upper Darby Township police said Thursday.

Amanda DeGuio, a mother of 3- and 5-year-old girls, was last seen by family members in late June when she walked out of her mother's Drexel Hill home.

"Amanda should have been heard from," said Michael Chitwood, superintendent of Upper Darby police. "I hope we can get her back," he added, noting that she has a history of addictions to prescription drugs and heroin.

"We have no answers," said Joann DeGuio, her mother, who appeared at the news conference with Chitwood. "We know she's in a bad place, and we miss her."

Amanda DeGuio, who now would be 25, also goes by the names Gianna or Arianna.

On June 23, she was charged with obtaining a controlled substance, identity theft, theft and receiving stolen property. that charge is still open.

She was arrested by Marple Township police in February 2013 for alleged retail theft. She entered a first-time offender program but was removed after she failed to show up for hearings. In October 2013, she was arrested by Haverford Township police and pleaded guilty to retail theft.

Friends and family still are hoping for contact and have posted messages and birthday greetings on her Facebook page.

"Amanda, you have a ton of people worried about ya, i hope you find ur way home safely. please contact someone if u read this, let someone know something. god bless and my prayers are with u for a safe return," Shawn Graham posted on Sept. 16, 2014.

On Christmas Day, a message attributed to her two daughters read: "Merry Christmas, Mommy! We love you!"

DeGuio is described as 5-foot-2 about 115 pounds with long brown hair. She has diagonal surgical scars on her upper and lower abdomen.