A Philadelphia police officer was charged Saturday with DUI and aggravated assault after he was discovered shortly after midnight inside his damaged police vehicle, police said.

Darryl Cathey, 26, a six-year veteran, was charged after he was seen driving the damaged vehicle and parking it at the 12th District station on 6500 Woodland Ave., police said.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey ordered Cathey suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

Cathey pulled up to the station in the car with three flat tires and bent rims, a 12th District sergeant said.

The sergeant described Cathey as having bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on his breath. He was not aware his vehicle had been damaged, police said.

As Cathey was being taken into custody, he allegedly began struggling with the supervisor and other officers from the 12th District. He was taken to a police detention unit for DUI processing.

Cathey was charged with DUI, criminal mischief, aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, for assaulting the supervisor.

-Sarai Flores