Police say a Warminster man has been arrested for allegedly using a pen with a built-in camera to film women changing in the dressing room of a Target store in Montgomery County.

Abington Township police said the investigation started when a female customer reported that she saw a small, cylindrical device under the wall of the dressing room where she was trying on clothes at the Target at 1495 Old York Road on March 21. The woman told investigators the device was pulled away when she tried to grab it.

Officials said Target employees gave police surveillance video of a man who was in the changing-room area at the time of the incident. Store workers then saw the man near the dressing rooms again on Saturday afternoon and alerted police, authorities said.

Police said 32-year-old Miklos Jugovics was taken into custody. Jugovics admitted to investigators that he was at the store to record women in changing rooms, and had done so on multiple occasions, according to police.

The suspect told police he used a ballpoint pen with a built-in video camera to film the women.

Police said detectives seized a computer and other items from Jugovics' Warminster home on Sunday and investigators believe he filmed women at the Abington Target store several times between November and March.

Jugovics told police he downloaded the images to his computer but did not post them online or distribute them.

Police said Jugovics is charged with invasion of privacy, unlawful use of computers and possessing instruments of crime.

Anyone who has information or believes they may have been recorded by Jugovics should call police at 267-536-1108 or 267-536-1095, or send an e-mail to lburton@abington.org or gurban@abington.org.