RUDOLPH KEITT Jr., the man who was shot by police last month after allegedly hitting several cops with his car, has been found incompetent to face his preliminary hearing, a prosecutor told a judge yesterday.

A forensic psychiatrist has recommended that Keitt be committed for mental-health treatment for 60 days, Assistant District Attorney Jacob Sand said.

An Aug. 11 status date was scheduled for the next briefing on Keitt's mental competency.

Keitt, 47, who is being held in a city jail in the Philadelphia Prison System complex in Holmesburg, is expected to be transferred to its mental-health wing.

He was not in court yesterday.

His attorney, Brian Mildenberg, asked Municipal Judge Frank Brady to order the prosecutor to hand over "discovery," or evidence, before any preliminary hearing occurs so that Mildenberg can investigate the case.

"The police officers' story is not what occurred," Mildenberg contended before the judge.

Brady told Mildenberg that he will get discovery after a preliminary hearing and if Keitt is held for trial, as is the norm.

After Mildenberg's repeated requests to the judge, Sand told the judge he would consider requests for discovery on a case-by-case basis if Mildenberg is specific about what he is seeking.

Outside the courtroom, Mildenberg, accompanied by Keitt's parents, Rudolph Sr. and Louise, and Keitt's girlfriend, Angela Campbell, said Keitt "is unable to understand the charges against him or the allegations."

He contended what happened occurred because of Keitt's epileptic seizures, schizophrenia and psychotic hallucinations.

He said he is asking that prosecutors drop charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses against his client so he can receive the appropriate mental-health treatment.

Sand contended yesterday that while Keitt may have mental-health issues, he intended to hit the cops with his car.

According to the criminal complaints filed in the case and prior information by authorities, about 2:15 p.m. May 12, Keitt drove his 2000 Chrysler sedan into a wall on Olney Avenue near Wagner, in Fern Rock, then became combative with cops who arrived.

He allegedly got back into his car and hit at least one cop, whom he allegedly dragged with his car. Keitt is also accused of causing or attempting to cause serious injury to three other cops at the scene.

Then, Keitt allegedly drove to Chew Avenue near 7th Street in nearby Olney, and allegedly struck or attempted to strike another officer, who was outside of his patrol car but fled inside the car for protection, causing the officer to suffer a concussion, a complaint says.

He then allegedly drove to the area of Stenton and Ogontz avenues, where he allegedly struck another cop before he was shot. Afterward, Keitt drove about a block away, to the home he shared with his girlfriend, on Colonial Drive near Ogontz Avenue, in West Oak Lane. There, he parallel-parked by the curb, then collapsed outside.

Keitt and four of the cops were taken to Einstein Medical Center. The cops were treated for injuries and released. Keitt remained in the hospital until he was transferred to the city jail.

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