Three juveniles who participated in the violent beating of a homeless veteran outside an Olney gas station in April were remanded to juvenile detention centers Tuesday.

The three could face murder charges should Robert Barnes die. Prosecutors said Barnes' condition has worsened.

Common Pleas Court Judge Robert J. Rebstock ordered a 14-year-old boy to a secured juvenile facility, VisionQuest Academy, in Western Pennsylvania.

Rebstock wanted more information on a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, including psychiatric assessments, before placing them in an appropriate facility.

"The judge took into account the gravity of the offense and enormity of the injuries," Assistant District Attorney Deborah Nixon said.

Barnes, 51, remains in a coma, and has developed pneumonia and other infections as a result of the beating, Nixon said. "His condition has downgraded," Nixon said.

She said all the defendants, including the three juveniles, would be charged with homicide if Barnes died.

Three women arrested in the case also had court appearances Tuesday in Common Pleas Court.

Aleathea Gillard, 34, and Shareena Joachim, 23, had pretrial hearings before Judge Michael Erdos.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Kleinman said Gillard, mother of the two younger juveniles, has a further hearing July 28, at which her lawyer is expected to challenge the evidence against her.

A third adult, Kaisha Duggins, 24, was arraigned Tuesday.

The April 7 attack, captured on video, showed Barnes being ambushed by six individuals. They used Mace, a hammer, and a rocking-chair leg as weapons.

Barnes suffered multiple skull fractures and broken bones, police said.

According to police, Barnes and another of Gillard's children were at the Sunoco station at 5338 N. Fifth St. offering to pump patrons' gas for spare change. The juvenile later told Gillard that Barnes had hit him, prompting six defendants to attack the veteran.

The juveniles were charged with two first-degree felonies - aggravated assault and conspiracy. They punched and kicked Barnes in the head, Nixon said.

They will remain at juvenile facilities until the judge sees fit to release them or new charges are brought.

"Until then," Nixon said, "it's in their favor to do well."

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Inquirer staff writer Joseph A. Slobodzian contributed to this article.