NORRISTOWN More than a year after same-sex marriage became legal in the state, Montgomery County is again involved in controversy over the issue.

The county's Republican candidate for register of wills, Sharon Valentine-Thomas, told the Associated Press on Thursday that she would not sign marriage certificates for gay and lesbian couples if elected. An ordained minister and two-term mayor of Pottstown, she said her conscience will not let her sign such documents but added, "I am not an obstructionist and will not force my values on others."

She said she would seek the same accommodation as Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who has deputies sign such documents. Valentine-Thomas did not respond to requests for comment from The Inquirer.

Montco Democrats denounced Valentine-Thomas as intolerant and out of touch with county voters.

She is running against a two-term incumbent Democrat, D. Bruce Hanes, who issued the licenses in 2012 before it was legal in Pennsylvania.

Davis still faces legal challenges, with some couples saying their licenses are not valid without Davis' signature. - Jessica Parks