Two Chester County men were arrested Thursday in connection with a series of daytime burglaries at homes in Chester and Delaware Counties, police said.

David James Lee, 36, of Oxford, and Daniel Steven Freas, 29, of Birmingham, have been charged with burglary, criminal trespassing, theft, and related offenses.

Police arrested the men after they followed a vehicle witnesses had seen at some of the crime scenes. Police said Lee fled with a jewelry box and pillow case before police caught him.

Police have initially charged the men only for this incident while they continue to investigate the men's possible connection to other burglaries.

Both men had hand-held radios when they were arrested that police believe they used to communicate with each other, police said.

Police have been investigating the burglaries for six months and had formed a Burglary Task Force. The task force is searching to recover more stolen property.

Police plan to release more information about their burglary investigation next week.

Michaelle Bond