Barry Schweid, 83, an Associated Press diplomatic correspondent who reported and analyzed events from around the world over a career spanning 56 years, died Thursday at home from complications of a degenerative neurological condition.

Among his career highlights, he traveled with Henry Kissinger on the secretary of state's "shuttle diplomacy" flights and covered the difficult negotiations at Camp David that President Jimmy Carter brokered to reach a historic peace treaty in 1977 between Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin.

As a reporter, he was known for taking serious, complex situations, especially in the Middle East, and explaining them in simple, direct terms, weaving in context and color.

He chronicled the Cold War and then its end with the implosion of the Soviet Union, filing news alerts from officials traveling with Secretary of State James Baker.

For his retirement party in May 2012, several secretaries of state sent messages of congratulations, including a video of Madeleine Albright singing a tribute. - AP