An intern for Fox 29 was shot and hospitalized during the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub, the station reported Sunday night.

On a visit to Florida, Patience Carter and a friend were at the Pulse club when the shooting began, the station said in a statement, which appears on Facebook.

Carter was shot in the leg, but is in stable condition, as is her friend, who was also injured, the statement says.

"We are so grateful to hear they are recovering and in good hands. We look forward to a speedy recovery and Patience's return to Fox 29," the station said.

Added weekend co-anchor Bill Anderson:

"Patience Carter is motivated, intelligent and ambitious, she didnt deserve this, nor did any of the others"

During the day Saturday, Carter tweeted she was poolside at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando. About 10 p.m. Saturday, she again tweeted: "Headed to downtown Orlando!!"