Cassandra Brock said she was clinging to the ledge of her second-story bedroom window, her feet on a gutter, as she heard someone shoot her husband. Then, she watched as her wounded husband, Kevin Brown, jumped out of the window and fell two stories onto the ground outside their home in Lower Moreland Township, Montgomery County.

"I saw him slip past," she testified Thursday during the second day of the murder trial of Naadir Abdul-Ali, 21, of Philadelphia, accused along with three of his friends - Abdurrahaman Amin, Desmond Smith, and Mujahid Matthews - of the home-invasion slaying of Brown. Prosecutors say that Brown was killed after his daughter ended her relationship with Abdul-Ali.

"If we can't be together, someone's got to go," Abdul-Ali allegedly told Muhammad the night before Brown was shot.

Abdul-Ali's attorney, Benjamin Cooper, argued that the break-in was staged to help Brown's daughter escape with Abdul-Ali after her mother expressed disapproval of their relationship and tensions between the mother and daughter had escalated.

Philip Steinberg, Smith's attorney, contends that his client was not even there when the killing occurred and says he will provide SEPTA footage to prove that Smith was on a subway at the time.

Matthews pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in exchange for agreeing to testify for the prosecution.

In addition to Brock, two of Brown's daughters - including Abdul-Ali's ex-girlfriend - took the stand as opposing attorneys peppered them with questions as to what happened on the night of the killing, Sept. 27, 2015, and in the weeks prior.

The trial, which involves six attorneys, is expected to last two weeks.