If you are a guy, drive a black car in Pennsylvania, and are between the ages of 20 to 29, watch out.

Statistically, you are a prime candidate for a traffic ticket, according to data released by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

More than 5.6 million traffic violations were issued in the state between 2012 and 2015, or on average 3,876 tickets a day.

One in 10 drivers received a ticket in 2015, according to the figures.

Women, who received 35 percent of the tickets overall, accounted for 52 percent of the violations for ignoring traffic control signals.

Prime times to get a ticket are in April, May and July, according to the data.

Maybe it is the Christmas spirit or the crummy weather, but December is the month when Pennsylvania drivers are least likely to get pulled over and cited.

All that talk about driving a red car will get you a ticket is just hype - at least in Pennsylvania.

Statistically, only 10 percent of tickets are issued to drivers of red cars.

Twenty percent of citations go to drivers of black cars and 18 percent to silver or aluminum colored vehicles. Drivers of white cars check in at number three with 16 percent of tickets. Gray and blue cars tie for the fourth spot with 11 percent of the tickets, followed by red cars. Five percent of tickets went to drivers of green cars and three percent for gold cars. Just two percent of the ticketed drivers had maroon or burgundy cars.

The cost?

Driving 10 miles over the speed limit will get you a $156 fine; 20 miles over and you will be paying $191, according to the data.

Top five reasons for getting a ticket:

1. Speeding.

2. Ignoring traffic control devices.

3. Operating vehicle without valid inspections.

4. Driving an unregistered vehicle.

5. Driving with a suspended or revoked license.