A Coatesville man was at large Friday after police seized drugs, including cocaine and heroin; firearms; and money from his home, officials said.

Ronald Smith, 41, whose house was "heavily fortified," had multiple security cameras, and contained a cache of drugs and paraphernalia, was charged with firearms and drug offenses and is wanted by police, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said Friday.

"The defendant was running a full-service pharmacy for illegal drugs," Hogan said.

Police carried out a search of his home with a warrant last week after observing drug activity there. They found large quantities of cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, prescription pills, and marijuana, he said.

Smith had been twice arrested and sentenced to jail for the intent to distribute drugs, according to court records. He was not legally allowed to own firearms, Hogan said. One of the guns found in his home had an obliterated serial number.

With the raid, police were "able to remove a sizable quantity of dangerous drugs and firearms from the streets of Coatesville," said Coatesville Police Chief Jack Laufer. "Together we can bring about positive change within the city of Coatesville."