Andre White turned his pockets inside out and took off his socks to prove to his brother's girlfriend, Kiara Fredericks, that he hadn't stolen the $10 she accused him of taking Oct. 11, according to court testimony.

But Fredericks, a 20-year-old mother of two, didn't believe White. So she allegedly stabbed him to death with a butcher knife as his grandmother Renee Jones stood helplessly between them in Jones' Southwest Philadelphia house.

"Andre hollered and said, 'Grandmom, she stabbed me! She stabbed me,' " a resolute Jones testified in court Tuesday. "The blood was just gooshing out. . . . All she said was, 'Yeah, I stabbed him.' "

When Officer Michael Ditizio arrived at the house, he saw Fredericks in the kitchen holding one of her small children and repeatedly screaming, "I did it! I did it," he testified.

After the preliminary hearing in Municipal Court, Fredericks was held for trial on charges of homicide and related offenses.

She spent much of the hearing sobbing, with her head buried in her hands on the defense table.

According to Jones' testimony, Fredericks dated Jones' grandson Antoine White, Andre White's brother. Fredericks and Antoine White and their two children, ages 2 and 4, lived with Jones, 66, and several of her relatives on the 2100 block of South 60th Street.

On the morning of Oct. 11, Fredericks was upset over $8 she had given someone the night before, so Jones removed $10 from her own pocket and gave it to Fredericks, Jones said.

After a short time, Fredericks lost track of the money and accused Andre White, 26, of taking it from her, Jones testified. White turned his pockets and socks inside out to prove he didn't take it, but Fredericks' anger only escalated, Jones said.

Andre White went upstairs to get his sleeping brother to help calm Fredericks down "because she was out of whack," but his brother refused to get up, Jones said.

While Andre White was upstairs, Jones walked into the dining room and saw Fredericks sitting at the table with a butcher knife in front of her, according to testimony. When Jones asked Fredericks for the knife, she refused to give it to her and instead put it on the floor, Jones said.

When Fredericks saw Andre White walk back down the stairs, she started to walk upstairs and Jones attempted to stand between the two, she said.

Jones and White were on the landing and Fredericks was a step above them when she allegedly reached over Jones and stabbed Andre White in his neck and chest.

His brother awoke and "rassled" the knife from Fredericks' hands while Andre White stumbled onto the porch, Jones testified.

Fredericks waited for police to arrive, confessed, and was taken into custody, Ditizio said.

According to Jones' testimony, Fredericks may have been smoking "wet," a street term for marijuana dipped in PCP or formaldehyde, in the days or hours prior to the slaying.