A 33-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., man has been charged with spray-painting anti-Donald Trump vandalism at a Chestnut Hill grocery store the day after Thanksgiving.

Evan Brown was arrested without incident Sunday in Chestnut Hill and charged with possession of an instrument of crime and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors, police said Tuesday.

Brown was captured on surveillance video along with Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd, 32, of Chestnut Hill, walking along Germantown Avenue around midnight Nov. 25.

The video shows a man who police say is Brown spray-painting "F- Trump" on an exterior wall of a Fresh Market store, while Lloyd appears to record the vandalism on video.

City officials said Saturday that Lloyd would keep his job, following the district attorney's decision not to charge him. He is to complete 40 hours of community service.

Brown, who is seen in the video wearing a hooded sweatshirt, has one previous summary offense for an open container violation in Philadelphia in August.

Brown's attorney, Kevin J. Harden, declined to comment.

William J. Brennan, who represents Lloyd, said Saturday that the incident took place after a Thanksgiving get-together among friends.

"Late in the evening a couple of individuals went out to get some air, and another individual, without any advance notice to my client, began to commit that act and unfortunately our client was there when it occurred," Brennan said.

The incident sparked national attention and outrage from the local Republican Party, which called for Lloyd's firing.