Two 15-year-old boys have been charged as adults with robbing an 18-year-old man in Montgomery County and threatening to poke one of his eyes out with a kitchen knife, police said Wednesday.

The man met with the teens and a third male acquaintance late Tuesday afternoon and the four were walking through Baederwood Park in Abington - supposedly on their way to meet some girls - when the robbery occurred, police said.

One teen held the man to the ground while the other threatened him with the knife, according to police. The pair took the victim's iPhone 7, Apple watch, and Louis Vuitton belt before fleeing. The other male acquaintance, whose age was not provided, tried to stop the robbery and stayed with the victim, who lives in Glenside. The 15-year-olds, one from Roslyn and the other from Glenside, were charged with robbery with the threat of serious bodily injury, unlawful restraint, and related offenses.

- Robert Moran