Keriann Elizabeth Meyers had violated conditions of her probation - and knew she would end up in jail.

So when Meyers went to meet her probation officer at the Chester County Justice Center late last month, the 32-year-old Caln Township woman came with provisions, police say.

Before the meeting, Meyers allegedly hid a bag of heroin in her bra, and two more bags in the lining of the purse. She stashed a fourth bag, plus prescription pills and a hypodermic needle, in her vagina, police say.

The meeting ended as she predicted, with Meyers ordered to jail.

She managed to keep some of her drugs hidden during an initial search - police found the bags in her purse and bra. But when she was taken that day to Chester County Hospital for a health matter, a correctional officer allegedly noticed a bulge in Meyers' sock - the sack she had previously hidden in her body.

Meyers later told county detectives of her plan to smuggle in the drugs, they say.

She was charged Wednesday with possession of a controlled substance and related offenses. Meyers had been on probation because of a retail theft but had failed to check in and admitted using heroin, according to police.

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