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Bolaris: Eagles gameday forecast

Our Eagles, fighting for the NFC East Division, might be taking on more than the Lions come 1 p.m. Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

What I know: It will be cold, with a kick-off temperature of 34 degrees. Winds will not be a factor, but I will be watching a wintry mix of wet snow and sleet edging in from the South and West.

Timing is rather tricky as we are not dealing with a storm per se, but an overrunning event. meaning warm moist air streaming in from the south at the same time we have very cold temperatures here on the surface.

Once the atmosphere gets moist enough, snow and sleet will break out, most likely moving in from Southern New Jersey first, then spreading to the Linc and surrounding suburbs.

The latest computer model blending has it starting as early as noon and as late as 4 p.m., so you see therein lies the problem.

If it starts at noon, the fans get sleeted and snowed upon, and the pigskin becomes a slippery little devil and some strange bounces could occur. Although I'm not anticipating any freezing on the roadways, any mix of sleet and wet snow will slow you down and produce a few early slick spots.

If precipitation can delay until the late in the afternoon, then we would be looking at a brief mix of sleet and snow before a quick changeover to rain and you Bird fans can get out of the Linc without any ice on your feathers.

I will be updating your Eagle forecast right through Saturday here on