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Bolaris: A Memorial Day weekend forecast

It was one hell of a winter: the second snowiest of all-time with a measurement of 68 inches. The winter of 2013-14 went on and on, with persistent cold and relentless snow. The only thing that kept my spirits up, and I'm sure many of my readers, were the daydreaming thoughts of the upcoming summer.

Racing down to the shore, finally the windows open, the sun soaking through, blue skies, a sandy beach, sipping a cold one and, of course, always the fine scenery on the beach. My hang was Avalon, the quaint BYOB restaurants, one of the most picturesque of beach towns by day and it certainly could rock at night, as anyone who visited the weekend hot spot The Princeton could attest.

But it is also a place my daughter fell in love with as well, our tandem bike rides, dodging the waves rolling in, digging big moats to place her captured sea shells, and of course finishing up the warm summer day with a big scoop of ice cream (dad always opted for yogurt). Man I miss it, but that's a story for another day, but I'm sure many of you can relate to what I'm talking about.

This is what got you through the winter and now the start of Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.

So let's talk forecast...

A very unsettled weather pattern will continue to be with us right through Saturday. Deep Low pressure aloft over New England will keep a fast northwesterly flow over the Delaware Valley. Usually this a good thing as northwest winds on the surface and aloft mean dry weather, but not this time.

Embedded clusters of showers and scattered storms will occasionally develop in this screaming northwest flow and clip us from time to time. Very difficult to establish exact timing and location but I will try to spell it out for you the best I can.

FRIDAY: We will see some sunshine, however, during the afternoon (especially late afternoon) we stand a pretty good chance of scattered showers and storms popping up. The very best chance will be from the city and points north and west, but I do need to include the threat along the shore as well.

SATURDAY: Breaks of sunshine during the day, but still must include the continued threat of pop-up showers and storms. Again, best chance of a shower will be from the city and points north and west, but still must include for shore points.

SUNDAY: Finally the atmosphere will begin to dry out aloft and this will lead to a great beach day with only an isolated threat across inland locations. Temps will start to climb into the 70s.

MEMORIAL DAY: The very best day from the mountains to the shore with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

(Get your 7-day forecast here.)

Have a great holiday weekend and have a cold one for me!!

Always click on your town for your detailed forecast.

John Bolaris