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Bolaris: An April to forget, but what about May?

April has always been a Jekyll-and-Hyde month for the Delaware Valley as it's the transitional month where Old Man Winter tries to hang on amid jabs from spring. We live in the crossfire of this atmospheric war as the battle cry is 'what the hell do I wear today?"

For example, April's high temperature was actually a summer tease of 82 degrees and winter's clothing was gladly stored away until next season....or was it? Two days later, after basking in warm sunshine, winter came roaring back as temperatures plunged more than 50 degrees to an April low of 31 degrees. A cold rain ended as some snow.

And then adding insult to injury Mother Nature decided to flood our basements and just about everything else.

Rivers, streams and creeks swamped a good portion of the Delaware Valley, surpassing in some locations the flooding produced by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Just ask the residents of Manayunk.

6.69 inches of rain was the official tally for the month of April for the city of Philadelphia with most of that rain falling in a 36-hour period.

Temperatures were slightly below normal with an average of 53.8 degrees.

And finally, if you were lacking energy or felt somewhat depressed, maybe it was weather since we only had SEVEN sunny days. Yes, we were definitely living under the proverbial rock for the month of April.

But what about May?

Looking at my long range guidance, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news first; overall the first half of May temperatures will be averaging above normal as the 70s should be quite common into mid-May. There will be some cooling for Monday as we dip a bit into the 60s, but then warm back up into the 70s.

However, I'm anticipating rain amounts to average above normal. Right now, I'm looking at the possibility of a serious rain event to take place in the May 12th-15th time frame with possible flooding. After this event an unseasonably cool air mass should arrive as a deep trough takes hold in the east. Temperatures could cool back into the 50s.

I will end on a warming note. After May 20th temperatures will rebound as the 70s return and perhaps even the 80s. Will this lead to a great kick-off to the unofficial start of summer Memorial Day weekend? Hmm, just too early to call.

Will keep you posted and please check out my weather page for all the latest forecasts, watches, warnings with one of the best interactive maps in the country programmed individually just for your town. Click on the town of your choice and the complete detailed forecast will pop up anywhere in the nation right here on

John Bolaris