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Bolaris: Liquid storm, then frozen Mummers

We'll have tranquil weather on Friday and Saturday with temperatures moderating to 50 degrees come Saturday.

On Sunday, however, we're watching for a storm to take shape along the Mid-Atlantic coast and move quickly northward.

This storm will be packed with moisture as it takes aim all along the I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to Philly and then on up to New York City and Boston. Luckily for some (but not not so lucky for snow lovers) cold air will be lacking even for the mountains.

So heavy rain on Sunday with the brunt of the rain taking place during the afternoon and early evening as temperatures hover in the 40s. Even the Poconos will see a mix to rain. Sorry, skiers.

By the time you turn on the HUGE Eagles game on Sunday night the rain should be over.

New Year's Eve will see a FRIGID return as temperatures tumble with day-time highs around 29 degrees and overnight lows in many places dipping into the teens, with possible flurries and wind chills in the single digits and places to the north below zero.

The dropping of the ball in Times Square NYC will see biting cold temps with wind chill in the single numbers and possible flurries.

You will be freezing your Mummers off on New Year's Day with temperatures in the 20s, and we could see some snow streaking in (mainly light) from west to east across the region. The timing is rather difficult, but an early read would be sometime in the afternoon.

I will fine-tune your Mummers strut forecast as we get closer.

John Bolaris