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Bolaris: Second clipper is the one to watch

Update: Tuesday, 11:30 a.m

One clipper down, one to go - tonight.

A "clipper" is a rapidly-moving storm system that dives southeastward from the Great Lake region and usually rockets off the coast, not allowing enough time to gather moisture. About 70-80 percent of the time, the system will clip us with some snow; in a few cases they can rapidly intensify and produce heavy snow.

Clipper No. 1 moved through the area this morning.

Clipper No. 2, however, is following on its heels, and with more energy it stands a better chance of producing accumulating snow.

But unlike Clipper No. 1, this one looks to produce the best chance of snow across southern New Jersey and Delaware.

The setup

Also watching for a possible band of moderate snow to form along the Jersey Shore, especially from northern Ocean County and north.

The city could pick up a quick inch of powdered snow, with parts of southeast New Jersey and Delaware picking up in excess of 2 inches.


Clipper No. 2 would arrive sometime Tuesday evening - whether it will be here for the later half of the evening rush is difficult to time right now.

I do have some light at the end of this cold, snowy December tunnel: Temperatures could zoom into the 50s, and possibly 60s for some, as we head into the weekend.

John Bolaris