Philadelphia lifted its snow emergency earlier today.

During a noon news conference, Mayor Kenney thanked all city employees who were "combating today's non-storm."

Kenney, who donned a suit instead of a fleece or any storm gear, asked residents to remain patient as crews cleaned up what was left of the two inches of snow.

"While this was not as bad as predicted, please look out for your neighbors, help them clear whatever dust is on their sidewalks," Kenney said.

Cars are now allowed to park along snow emergency routes throughout the city.

Most of the main roadways are clear and the city's Streets Department is working to clear residential streets. The Streets Department used 8,000 tons of salt to treat the roads starting at 6 a.m.

It was short-lived salting operation.

Snow Totals in the Region

Reported totals as of noon Thursday.

SOURCE: National Weather Service
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Samantha Phillips, director of the city Office of Emergency Management, said that despite a 6- to 8-inch forecast, the city only received just over two inches.

"The snow ended certainly earlier than we anticipated, between 9 and 10 this morning," Phillips said.

Temperatures are expected to drop and wind is expected to pick up later today. City officials asked that if anyone who sees a homeless person in need of shelter to call the city's outreach center at 215-232-1984.

"We dodged a bullet," Kenney said of the snow. "We should consider ourselves lucky. Bank some of that money for the next time we get hit."