A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania claims he was raped, infected and disfigured by another student after a fraternity-recruitment party at Penn.
Reginald Stewart, 21, of Florida, alleges in a lawsuit that after being forced to consume excessive amounts of alcohol at the Phi Kappa Psi event in January 2013, he was sexually assaulted by another potential recruit, Charles Gibson of Louisiana.
Stewart, then a 19-year-old sophomore, attended the "rush party" at the frat house on Jan. 12, 2013, the lawsuit says. He claims that he was taken to various alcohol stands throughout the night and stuffed with booze until he fluttered in and out of consciousness.
The suit, filed Monday in Common Pleas Court against the frat chapter and Gibson, claims that Gibson and a member of the frat helped walk Stewart home to his dormitory on Locust Walk near 39th Street in University City. His next memory was awakening in the middle of an assault. He says he was unable to fight Gibson off because of his level of intoxication, according to court documents.
Stewart claims that he underwent reconstructive surgery on his rectum, which resulted in permanent scarring, and contracted HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, as a result of the encounter. He is seeking almost $500,000 in damages.
Gibson, according to court documents filed by his attorney, admits the two had sex, but claims the act was consensual and denies passing on the disease. He admits that both he and Stewart were served excessive amounts of alcohol while underage, but he says the allegations are unfounded.
No one representing the fraternity was immediately available for comment.
When reached by phone yesterday, Stewart, who graduated in May, said he had no comment on his lawsuit. And Gibson, who graduated in 2014, said he had been advised by his attorney not to comment.
Daily News staff writer Dan Spinelli contributed to this report.