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Michael Vick to promote 'Pets in cars' bill in Harrisburg

Michael Vick wants to help let the dogs out.

The former Eagles quarterback, who currently occupies a reserve role for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will visit Harrisburg Tuesday to lend support for a bill aimed at protecting pets left in hot cars, according to

Vick plans to meet with lawmakers to discuss House Bill 1516, which would allow first responders to break into cars containing trapped pets without carrying responsibility for the resulting damages. The bill is currently stuck in the House Judiciary Committee.

Vick, 35, remains a controversial figure nationally for his 2007 conviction for financing a dogfighting ring. Following a 21-month stay in federal prison, Vick resurrected his career with the Eagles, for which he played until 2013. After spending 2014 with the New York Jets he signed a one-year contract with the Steelers.

Chris Shigas, Vick's spokesman, told the news website that since Vicks' conviction he has advocated for legislation intended to increase penalties for dogfighting spectators and cockfighting organizers.

"He realizes the microphones he has access to and the power that he has," Shigas told the website. "He wants to be able to use that for good and to make real, tangible changes."