This much police know: Around 7 p.m. last night, several dozen bullets were flying outside Los Papi Deli & Grocery, killing one young man and wounding five others in the middle of the city's Kingsessing section.

But that's about all investigators had last night, because despite the fact that 54th Street and Florence Avenue had been turned into a war zone, nobody saw anything – at least, nothing they cared to share with police.

"We have nothing," Capt. George Fuchs said at the scene, with dozens of neighbors and others standing outside the crime tape. "No leads, no motive, no witnesses, nothing. Nobody is telling us anything."

On the street behind him, the body of a 23-year-old man was covered in a sheet next to two bicycles. He was pronounced dead at 7:09 p.m.

Five other male victims, ranging from 18 to 23, were taken to area hospitals with gunshots wounds to their legs, arm or chest. Four were in stable condition, one critical.

"When they started shooting, people started scattering," Fuchs said.

A crowd had apparently gathered outside the deli last night when the shooting began. More than one gun was involved.

"Multiple shell casings, multiple calibers," Fuchs said. "And when I say a lot, I mean a lot."

Crime-scene investigators were still working last night, but Fuchs said about 50 shell casings and 17 bullet fragments had already been recovered.

Fuchs said the shooting didn't appear to have been captured on surveillance cameras. It was unclear whether gunfire had been exchanged or only fired at the group on the corner. Police were chasing a tip that it could have been a drive-by shooting.

"This is horrible. Six people shot," Fuchs said. "It might have been a car that came by and opened up on these people, but that is not confirmed."