Philadelphia is getting some kickbacks from the state's pot of "red light enforcement" funds, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said Thursday.

The entire $6.6 million actually comes from 28 intersections in Philadelphia where red light violations are issued. Since 2010, PennDOT has paid out almost $40 million in violation money to fund 275 road safety improvement projects.

The city will receive $3.5 million to spend on four street infrastructure projects, including $500,000 for expanding traffic-signal timing throughout Philadelphia, PennDOT said in a press release.

The city's cut of funding from the Automated Red Light Enforcement program is more than half the total $6.6 million that will be doled out to 37 municipalities across Pennsylvania. Nine municipalities in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties will also receive money, though much smaller amounts than Philadelphia.

According to the press release, the four projects in Philadelphia are:

  • $500,000 to implement a fiber-optic network expansion program to monitor, manage and improve traffic-signal timing throughout the city.

  • $1 million to improve intersections by adding curb extensions to increase pedestrians' visibility to motorists and reduce potential vehicle/pedestrian traffic conflicts throughout the city.

  • $1 million to implement up to three roundabouts to improve safety and traffic flow.

  • $1 million to continue to implement traffic-calming measures such as speed humps and updated signage.