Drivers in Philadelphia, you've been shamed.

The city ranks 188th out of 194th American cities in the ninth annual ranking of safest driving cities in America by insurance giant Allstate, which released its report titled 'America's Best Drivers Report' on Tuesday.

The statistics compiled are damning:

  • Philadelphia ranks last among the country's nine cities with more than 1 million residents.
  • Drivers in Philadelphia, at 189th out of the 194 cities ranked by Allstate, get into an accident — on average — every 6.0 years. Phoenix, which was ranked safest for drivers among the nine big cities, has an average of 9.8 years between collisions for drivers.
  • Drivers in Philadelphia are 65 percent more likely than the national average to get into an accident.

The safest city in America for driving, according to the report, is Fort Collins, Colo. — with a population of roughly 143,000 — where the average years between collision is 13.9 years. They must be doing something right in Fort Collins: It's ranked first three of the nine years Allstate has compiled the statistics.

The report defines an auto crash as any collision resulting in a property damage claim, Allstate said in a release.

For what it's worth, an Allstate spokeswoman doesn't want Philadelphians to be discouraged by the accident prone ways and instead to learn from the ranking.

"We don't want drivers in Philadelphia to be discouraged by their ranking. Instead, we want the report to challenge drivers in Philly to make positive changes to their driving habits that will in turn make the city a safer place to live, work and raise families," Allstate spokeswoman Julia Reusch said in a statement.

And it might be more of a Pennsylvania thing than a Philly thing, anyway.

Pittsburgh came in at 172th out of the 194 cities, with an average of 7.2 years between collisions.

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