The Gloucester Township Police Department announced Wednesday that it regrettably has accepted the resignation of one of its best officers.

Health issues led Maximus, the department's 5-year-old K-9 who served the department for the past four years alongside Cpl. Mark Pickard, to trot off into retirement, police said.

"Max" conducted narcotics scent work, tracked suspects, cleared buildings, and patroled the streets of the South Jersey community, police said.

The department, according to a news release, accepted the the German Shepherd's resignation after he was diagnosed with a potentially deadly medical condition.

Max will spend the rest of his days as a member of Pickard's family.

Chief Harry Earle commended both Max and Pickard for their dedication to the department and community.

"Their contributions to our crime-fighting and community-policing programs over the years will not be forgotten," Earle said in a news release.