A 12-year-old boy was jumped, assaulted and robbed by four teens who stole his sandwich and French fries in Upper Darby on Friday, according to police.

Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the 12-year-old victim, who is a "real nice neighborhood kid," was coming out of a convenience store on Long Lane near Clinton Road around 5 p.m. when four "morons" hit him, knocked him to the ground and "thumped" him. They stole from the boy the only possessions he had - his sandwich and fries, Chitwood said.

The teens - two 13-year-old boys and two 15-year-old boys - then ran away from the scene but their images were captured by several surveillance cameras at the store and in the area, police said.

On Monday morning, Upper Darby police posted images of the suspects to their popular Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Monday night, the parents of two of the boys brought their children to Upper Darby police headquarters for questioning after seeing their sons' images all over social media, Chitwood said.

"One set of parents were very cooperative" he said. "The other set brought him in because they knew it was him on the social media page."

Chitwood said police worked with security guards at Upper Darby High School to identify the remaining two suspects.

All four boys were charged with robbery, assault and related offenses and remain at Delaware County's juvenile detention center in Lima. Their names are not being released, given their juvenile status.

The victim in the case did not require hospitalization for his injuries, police said.