HERE'S A BRIEF timeline highlighting Thomasine Tynes' rocky road to ruin:
NOVEMBER 1989: Tynes elected to Philadelphia Traffic Court as a judge.
MARCH 2005: Tynes becomes the first black woman named president judge of
Traffic Court by then-Gov. Ed Rendell.
JUNE 2011: Undercover sting operation captures audio of Tynes accepting a silver Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet worth $2,052 from government informant Tyron B. Ali.
SEPTEMBER 2011: FBI launches investigation into ticket-fixing in Philadelphia Traffic Court, raiding the homes and workplaces of key court officials.
JULY 2012: Tynes retires from the bench after serving 23 years.
JANUARY 2013: Newlyminted Attorney General Kathleen Kane secretly shuts down bribery operation targeting Tynes and Philadelphia lawmakers Ronald Waters, Vanessa Brown, Michelle Brownlee and Louise Bishop, declining to bring charges.
FEBRUARY 2013: Tynes and seven other Philadelphia Traffic Court judges
charged with conspiracy and fraud in connection with alleged ticket-fixing.
JUNE 2013: Philadelphia Traffic Court closes, its functions moving to a division of Philadelphia Municipal Court.
JUNE 2014: After a challenge from Kane, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth
Williams announces resurrection of corruption investigation she shuttered.
JULY 2014: Tynes and five others acquitted of conspiracy and ticket-fixing, but she and four ex-PTC judges are convicted of perjury for lying to the grand jury.
OCTOBER 2014: D.A. Williams charges Tynes with bribery stemming from her recorded 2011 meeting with Ali.
DECEMBER 2014: Tynes pleads guilty to one felony count of conflict ofinterest, accepting a sentence of nearly 12 to 23 months in prison, to be served concurrently with a 24-month sentence for perjury.
— Sheena Lester