Shamona Creek students learn that science can be fun

Kids flew paper airplanes, made exploding geysers of Diet Coke, and answered an age-old candy question (answer below) at Shamona Creek Elementary School in the Downingtown Area School District on Thursday, all part of Science Inquiry Day for the third grade.

The school's home and school association sponsored the event, which brought representatives out from The Franklin Institute to give a morning assembly filled with eye-catching science experiments, and then turned the students loose on their teachers, who ran eight different experiments that showed that science can be interesting.

Students flew paper airplanes for distance, saw the explosive effects of mixing Mentos candy with Diet Coke, and finally found out how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollipop (between 250 and 800 depending on the flavor.

      Will Hobson