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Pitcher eyed by Phils has a wild wife

"Ask Anna Anything," her Website suggests.

"Ask Anna Anything," her Website suggests.

OK, judging by the first question posted, someone took her at her word:

"Are those your real boobs?"

And she doesn't hesitate to answer. ...

Ah, let the games begin. If the Phillies opt to get free-agent pitcher Kris Benson, they'll get a pretty package to go along with the deal.

Anna Benson.

She certainly wasn't bashful about tooting her horn online. Again,

"Irreverent humanitarian Anna Benson is not just another pretty face; she is a woman to be seen and heard. With countless magazine layouts hitting the stands, she balances her time between photo shoots, interviews, and charitable endeavors. ... She has been featured in several publications, including FHM, Sports Illustrated, and the New Yorker. Her sharp wit and bold assertions make her a New York Post Page 6 and Daily News favorite."

If she does say so herself.

In 2004, men's mag FHM had "baseball's hottest housewife" pose for provocative pics - and had her interview her husband, then with the Mets. The photos and text are still online, under "Girls of FHM." Some snippets:

"ANNA: Do you get nervous when I go on shows like Howard Stern and say that I'll sleep with all of your teammates if you cheat on me?"

"KRIS: I get some butterflies in the stomach. But I think you handle that stuff well. The thing is, you've always told me that. It's been a running joke since we started going out. It caught the people who aren't really in our circle by surprise. But our friends hear that all the time. I guess now that Howard Stern's on satellite radio, there's no limit to what you can say. ..."

ANNA: If I did ever let you cheat on me, and I never will, who would you pick to do it with?

KRIS: Miss Oklahoma. She won the Miss America pageant, didn't she? I had her scouted out from the beginning."

She filed for divorce from Kris in March 2006.

After commenting that she "agitated the Mets with her revealing clothes and provocative comments," a New York Times story on the reputed breakup added: "When the Mets traded Benson to the Baltimore Orioles in late January, it was widely felt in baseball that the Mets were making the move less out of unhappiness with Benson and more out of weariness with his wife."

Perhaps a low-cut Mrs. Santa outfit she wore to a team party in 2005 contributed to front-office angst.

It certainly inspired a later New York Post headline, "A Gift From Anna Claus." In the article, writer Joel Sherman expressed gratitude for a player obtained in the Kris Benson trade "because Anna Benson couldn't keep enough clothes on or her mouth shut."

The divorce? What divorce? She called it off about a week later.

Local wags will wonder if the Phillies are ready for this.

Even if they did once call their squad of ball girls the Hot Pants Patrol.

OK, one more answer from her Q&A.

"Weren't you a stripper?"

"Yes. After divorcing my ex-husband, I was a single mom who had no education. So, instead of sitting on my fat ass and collecting welfare, I decided to lie in the bed that I had made for myself and do whatever it took to take care of myself and my child. It is not something that I like to brag about, but it is definitely something that I am proud of."