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Videotaped beating by police may go to grand jury, Phila. DA says

"I've pretty much decided that we will turn it over to a grand jury," Phila. District Attorney Lynne Abraham said.

Video: FOX29 footage of beating

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham said today that the cases of the officers videotaped beating three shooting suspects would likely be handed over to a grand jury soon.

She said it would be either a sitting grand jury or one that will be impaneled.

Grand juries normally sit for 18 months and often hear multiple cases.

Charles Ehrlich, chief of the municipal court unit of the Philadelphia District Attorneys' Office, said the case would go before a grand jury that is currently sitting.

At a press conference called to announce an alternative treatment program, Abraham said: "I've pretty much decided that we will turn it over to a grand jury....We're going to give it to a grand jury to review the evidence."

She added: "It will be given to a group of citizens with a diverse background to reach a conclusion."

Her answer was in response to a question at the press conference from a reporter.

She promised there would be no rush to judgment.

"We will do a full, thorough investigation," she said.

As for Monday's firings, she said: "I can't comment on anything that anyone else does ... [the firings] have nothing to do with me. I'm not the commissioner. I'm not the mayor."