Hundreds of Ukrainian-Americans will be on hand in the historic area tonight to welcome the "International Torch of Remembrance" - which commemorates the 75th anniversary of Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin's war against Ukraine.

The torch is on a worldwide tour, traveling through 33 countries, including 23 cities in the United States, before returning to Ukraine in November to be part of the official commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-1933.

The torch relay was organized to help raise awareness of the forced famine in Ukraine, during which up to 10 million starved to death in a country known as the "Breadbasket of Europe." Under Stalin's orders, the borders of Ukraine were sealed, all grain and foodstuffs were confiscated, and wealthy farmers called "kulaks" were declared "enemies of the people." Up to 10 million people died from starvation.

Tonight's lighting ceremony will be held at 7 across from the Liberty Bell Pavilion, Market Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets. Taking part in the ceremony will be members of the Ukrainian diplomatic corps including the Consul-General of Ukraine.