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We’ve watched the Wildwood Tram Car for 60 years

It was simple, really.

It was simple, really.

After satisfying a request, "Watch the Tram Car, please" became as synonymous of the Jersey Shore as Salt Water Taffy.

"It was over 30 years ago," explains Floss Stingel, the "voice" of the Sightseer Tram Car, when a friend "asked me for a new recording and I spoke into a recorder over and over."

Since 11 a.m. today, the North Wildwood resident has been at The Wildwoods Convention Center to celebrate 60 years of the trackless trains.

"They have survived the test of time," said Patrick Rosenello, Managing Director of Wildwoods Boardwalk Special Improvement District Management Corporation, of the blue and yellow trams that have served the Wildwoods Boardwalk since 1949.

The non-profit bought the tram car service in 2004 when the Boardwalk fixtures were almost lost because it was no longer profitable for the previous owner.

Little has changed over the last 60 years - five new passenger cars have been added and the fare has increased to $2 but the cars continue to run on a battery charge.

It was "eco-friendly before eco-friendly was a word," said Rosenello.

The Sightseer transports "500,000 people a year without generating any pollution, without burning any oil," he said.

Included in today's celebration will be the unveiling of a 60th Anniversary Commemorative Tram Car Token and a reduced fare of $.10 - the original cost in 1949.

Stingel, who was never compensated for the cautionary recording, said its still "a little strange" to hear her voice.

"We never thought it would go on this many years."