With 5-1/2 innings of World Series Game 5 already in the books, a question arises of great concern to many Phillies fans going to Citizens Bank Park tonight:

Will beer sales be cut off after the seventh inning?

No, says David Freireich, spokesman for Aramark, which operates all the park's concessions.

"Today is considered a new event," he said.

So the brew won't stop flowing at the 7th.

Sources at the ballpark – including some beer vendors – said beer sales would be stopped at the start of the ninth inning.

So should the Phillies win in 9 - thereby clinching the city's first championship in 25 years - fans are likely to have beers at hand for what's bound to be a wild celebration.

Designated drivers and others trying to keep warm will, of course, have other beverage choices - which can be purchased in World Series cups or mugs.

(Fans are not permitted to bring in glass bottles, cans, thermoses, hard-sided coolers, and open containers (like paper cups), although small plastic water bottles, baby bottles, small soft-sided coolers, and single-serve, soft-sided juice container are allowed.)

At Monday's rain-shorted game, Aramark sold 15,000 cups of hot chocolate, outselling coffee and hot tea.

The stands did not run out of hot chocolate at Monday's game, contrary to one report.

Some carts just couldn't get enough water containers delivered because the concourses were so crowded with fans trying to stay dry.

Soup and chili are also served at the park during cold weather, with summer's water ice offerings scaled back.

Hot dogs are the most popular food. About 16,000 were sold on average during the first three World Series dates here, Freireich said.

McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon is the park's only food and beverage outlet that Aramark doesn't run.

Aramark even manages concessions that bear the names of familiar restaurants, like Rick's Steaks, Tony Luke's, and Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries.

Aramark also operates the concessions at Lincoln Financial Field, the Wachovia Center and the Wachovia Spectrum.