the Phillies emerge victorious tonight, and


a victory parade is held in Center City Friday, there's only one thing that's for


: Philadelphia school kids are going to have to play hooky to take part in the festivities.

The School District of Philadelphia - as if to prove you don't need miserable weather to rain on a parade - has no plans to close for a victory celebration, no matter how momentous the occasion might be.

"Our expectations are that students will report to school just like any other weekday - and report on time," said Fernando Gallard, spokesman for the school district, this morning.

In the event of a World Series win, kids can celebrate in the classroom, Gallard said. It'll be up to individual principals to determine if their school will hold an organized celebration.

Of course, any talk of a parade is premature. At least three innings of baseball remain between the Fightin' Phils and a possible title. And city officials are keeping mum.

"The city has not talked to us about their plans," Gallard said. "They're keeping it pretty close to the chest."

City officials are not commenting on the record but have hinted that if the Phillies win tonight a parade will most likely be held Friday.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia late today also announced that schools would remain open this week even if there is a parade. "Although schools will celebrate this event in their own individual ways, it will be within the context of a regular school day," said Superintendent of Schools Mary E. Rochford.

In South Jersey, the decision to close schools for the day is up to each district, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey State Department of Education said.

"As long as schools put in 180 days, the districts can decide what whatever days they want to have off," she said.