Phillies fans celebrated the World Series victory well into the early morning hours and there was plenty of evidence of the party -- and destruction - up and down Broad Street this morning.

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said police made 76 arrests overnight during the disturbances Additional details were expected to be released today.

"I wouldn't say the city got a black eye, but it was a little bruised," he said in an interview this morning.

Arrests during last night's "revelry" included: Robberies: 1; Assault on police: 12; Arson: 1; Theft: 3; Vandalism: 17; Obstruction of justice: 1; Trespassing: 5; Disorderly conducts: 36.

Police said the majority of those charged were college students.

No homicides were reported overnight.

The emergency room was busier than usual last night at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

"We did have 12 to 15 revelers, mostly with fractures, including someone whose foot got run over by a car," said a spokeswoman. That was the most serious injury.

Hahnemann typically has zero to three trauma cases on a Wednesday night, but last night had 11.

"All of the traumas were related to the festivities on Broad Street," a spokeswoman said.

Robinson Luggage on South Broad Street – struck especially hard by hooligan revelers last night -- reopened this morning at 10 a.m., though windows remained smashed and the the doors boarded up.

Owner Sharon Laudenbach said the shop had been hit by looters and hundreds of upscale bags had been stolen.

"I have no idea how much damage was done," Laudenbach said. "We're still trying to figure that out. We're just trying to back to normal here."

The city streets department this morning would only say cleanup crews were out working all over the city.

At Citizens Bank Park there were no signs of last night's revelry -- outside of the manure left by the horses from the Pennsylvania State Police mounted patrols. Fox29 was hosted its morning show at the third base gate. The Interboro High Marching Band from Delaware County danced to a recorded disco version of 'Cotton Eyed Joe.'

At Broad and Walnut Streets city employees were sweeping up beer bottles, glass, and dirt from toppled planters.

One worker near the Academy of Music quipped, "It wasn't much worse than your average New Year's celebration."

The glass windows and doors of Robinson Luggage were smashed. Oversized planters were overturned and their contents spilled out onto the street. Closer to City Hall, at Broad and Chestnut Streets, a newspaper honor box remained planted in the window of the FYE film and music store. Two of the oversized FYE plate glass windows were shattered.

Outside the Prince Music Theater, the 8-foot high sculpture was listing at a 45-degree angle.

At the Modell's at 1528 Chestnut Street, 50 fans had lined up by 4:30 a.m. to buy World Series commemorative t-shirts, caps, jackets. Though the store wasnt't scheduled to open until 5 a.m. Mitchell Modell, the owner and CEO of the chain, opened the doors and let them in early.

Modell said the two biggest sellers were the red Phinally t-shirt with the World Series trophy, the locker room championship hats and a gray hooded sweat shirt that the players will wear during the parade.

"We've had over 500 people so far," he said at 7 a.m. of the crowds that were jamming the store; 16 cashiers worked the registers and the crowds were 30 people deep.

When asked what he would have done with the merchandise and himself if the Phillies had lost the title to the Tampa Bay Rays, Modell joked: "I'd be looking for a new job and on suicide watch."

Steven Smith, 45, from Sewell, N.J, said he got the call from his wife this morning on his way to work ordering him to buy t-shirts for the kids and hooded sweat shirts for the adults.

"I'm pretty excited, who isn't," said Smith, who after watching the game at home drove into the city to celebrate and then returned to South Jersey.

Ian Farrell, 25, from the Fairmount section, clutched two t-shirts, two hats and two pennants. "The extra, in case I loose one," he said.

Farrell said he got no sleep last night. He watched the game at a pub and then spilled on to Broad Street when the Phils clinched the series.

Inquirer staff writer Andrew Maykuth contributed to this article.