Because of trouble with its landing gear, a commuter jet carrying only a crew made an emergency landing yesterday at Philadelphia International Airport. None of the three people on board were hurt.

The US Airways Express flight was flying to Philadelphia from Norfolk, Va. A spokesman for the airline said the only occupants were the captain, the first officer, and an attendant. The main gear under the left wing failed to come down, an airline spokeswoman said.

The plane, which can carry up to 50 passengers, was delayed getting out of Norfolk, and its booked passengers had been put on earlier flights.

The airport put a halt on all takeoffs and landings between 5:05 and 6:27 p.m., as they dealt with the emergency on a major runway, 27 Left.

Lt. Mike Grant, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Fire Department, said the plane create "a pretty impressive show of sparks" as it skidded in on a bed of a fire-retardant foam. Grant said 75 firefighters responded.

"It was a great job by the aircraft pilot, and Engine 78," he said, referring to the company station at the airport.    - Craig R. McCoy