Defense attorney Michael Huff began his closing arguments in the Fort Dix case today by reminding jurors of his client's concerns that "you gotta be careful, man, you go to jail for nothing."

"The fear of being innocent and being prosecuted for nothing, that was his real fear," Huff said. "And that's exactly what happened in this case."

Huff represents Dritan Duka, one of five foreign-born Muslim men accused of plotting an attack on Fort Dix. Two of the defendants are Dritan Duka's brothers.

The defense has argued the men did nothing more than talk tough about jihad, and the government constructed a conspiracy out of those harmless discussions. Two FBI informants recorded hundreds of hours of conversations with the men, and those recordings were the backbone of the government's case.

Yesterday, the prosecution gave its closing remarks, saying that the talk and the plan to kill U.S. soldiers were real.

Dritan and his brother, Shain, were arrested in May 2007 while trying to buy seven rifles from one of the informants. The defense has argued the men intended only to use those guns at a Poconos firing range they visited once a year.

The prosecution said the Poconos trips were training for jihad. The defense called them vacations.

Huff pointed out that, on the defendants' last trip to the Poconos in February 2007, the men also played video games, watched movies, went swimming -- all activities consistent with a vacation.

"There was pillow fighting," Huff exclaimed. "I'm sure Osama bin Laden is sitting in a cave as we speak ... pillow fighting."

Three more defense attorneys are slated to give their closing remarks today, followed by the government's rebuttal.