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Morning Report: Sweet shooter, sour ending

When I first saw Reggie Theus, he was a senior at Inglewood High School in California.

When I first saw Reggie Theus, he was a senior at Inglewood High School in California.

It was at the 1975 Dapper Dan Roundball Classic in Pittsburgh, which was the prototype of the national all-star games that have exploded since then.

Theus was rated the top shooter in the nation and took about 11 seconds to prove it. He stepped across the half-court line, lofted a long jumper and hit nothing but the bottom of the net.

The crowd froze. Then kind of grinned. A fluke, everybody said. The kid's just showing off and got lucky.

After three straight bombs like that, the coach took him out of the game so somebody else could touch the basketball. He was a phenomenon.

After a glittering career at UNLV and in the NBA, Theus assisted Rick Pitino at Louisville, then led New Mexico State to the NCAA tournament.

Two years ago he surprised a lot of people by taking the reins of the NBA Sacramento Kings.

Theus received the terrible swift sword from owner Gavin Maloof yesterday.

The grim reaper has visited the NBA a lot this season. Theus was the sixth coach fired so far, and they've played only about that many weeks.

But P.J. Carlesimo (Oklahoma City), Eddie Jordan (Washington), Sam Mitchell (Toronto), Randy Wittman (Minnesota) and the 76ers' Maurice Cheeks already are gone.

Hey, I saw Eddie Jordan and Randy Wittman in high school, too. None of them could shoot like Reggie Theus.

Get a suit, why doncha? Most fans go to a football game in an outdoor stadium in December wearing long undies under their jeans and at least a couple of sweatshirts topped by a hoodie.

Sondra Fortunato went to the Giants-Eagles game at the Meadowlands last week in high-heeled boots, fishnet stockings, a bikini bottom and the top half of a Santa suit.

After security kicked her out, she told the New York Post nothing was showing.

"You couldn't even see my underwear," she claimed.

This might be funny if Ms. Fortunato was: a.) attractive; or b.) young enough to get away with it.

But she's an incredibly unattractive middle-aged woman who must crave publicity.

The security people told her to cover up because there were children present.

Fortunato told the Post other women "got jealous and complained."

Yeah, those people with 20-20 vision are killers.