Attorney General Anne Milgram said today the state has filed civil fraud lawsuits against three corporate defendants, charging them with mortgage fraud and loan modification fraud.

Two of the companies are in Camden County: Hope Now Financial Services Corp., of Cherry Hill, and New Hope Modifications, of Bellmawr. They are accused of offering loan modification services even though they are not licensed to do so.

They took up-front fees and did not provide the services promised, according to the attorney general.

The third company cited was Casey Properties of Totowa.

Milgram said the companies took advantage of the people who could least afford it.

"The lawsuits we announce today involve three separate complaints, but they share a common thread of greed, human callousness and disregard for the law," she said. "In one way or another, each of the defendants in these complaints is charged with making money by selling false hope to trusting people during uncertain economic times.

She said the charges would be pursued in civil court because it was the quickest way to get the cases before a judge. Criminal charges could follow.