The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced today that it is expanding cab service in Philadelphia by allowing additional taxis and limousines to work throughout the city during the SEPTA strile.

Linda Miller, a spokeswoman for the Parking Authority said the emergency order, which was issued Friday in anticipation of a strike, allows all licensed limousines and "partial rights" cab companies to operate citywide for the duration of the strike.

Partial rights cab companies operate taxicabs without the medallions required for picking up passengers in Center City, Miller said. She cited Germantown Cab as an example of a "partial rights" cab company, which are licensed to operate in some communities but are not allowed to pick up passengers in Center City.

Miller said Germantown Cab has about 100 taxicabs. She said four other "partial rights" cab companies operate in Philadelphia. She said those companies have fewer cabs but that she did not know for sure how many.

Miller said the additional taxis are required to post a copy of the emergency order from the Parking Authority in their vehicles.

Alternative cabs are allowed to charge allowed to charge a mileage rate $2.50 for sedans and $3.00 for limousines, the Parking Authority said. The mileage rate may not fluctuate based on the number of passengers.

A flate rate of $28.50 is authorized between Center City and Philadelphia Internationsl Airport. The method of mileage calculation should be explained to all passengers before their trip, the Parking Authority said.